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November 06 2017

This video simply explaining how tax cuts are giveaways to the rich is going viral


This is where the real fight is. This is bad. Right up there with stealing Obama’s Supreme Court pick & turning the Supreme Court conservative. It’s really that big of a deal. If passed, the Trump administration will effectively be able to starve the government by choking off it’s source of income—taxes—and weaken almost every social safety net program, including Social Security and Medicare. All in the name of “austerity” 

If Trump’s “tax cut” plan successfully gets through congress, it will be the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in modern American history.

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Something-something, more tattoos

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Shakespeare April: Hamlet

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For all American grad students who get tuition waivers.

This is extremely important for you to be aware of. Please spread the word.

Source: Twitter

Right now, I don’t think I know anybody who wouldn’t quit if this passed. Schools would lose their TAs and RAs en mass.

This would also make it impossible for disabled grad students - I can’t have roommates because of celiac (I tried, it didn’t work out), and so 2/3 of my paycheck goes right back out as rent.  And I make even less than this guy per year - I make 25-28k/year in one of the worst CoL places in America.  This will wreck the ability of people to go into research. This will make it even worse for people with medical expenses who want to go to school.

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witches and hats.

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Budapest | Hungary

November 04 2017

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Imaginative Fairytale Illustrations Of Magical Scenes

Los Angeles based digital artist Caitlyn Kurilich creates magical illustrations of folklore characters.

Keep reading

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LGBT+ PRIDE (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

yo I usually don’t comment outside of tags anymore cuz I don’t like to clutter up posts too much but these are fucking DOPE AS HELL

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Nailed it. (via LA_Loving)





hold on though there was One Good Thing about working at american eagle and that was the Back where we kept all the clothes that weren’t on the floor and Listen to me,

how it was arranged was there were about fifteen shelving units, each about 25 or 30 feet tall. they went from the floor to the ceiling and they were on tracks so they could slide and to get to a shelf you needed you’d have to unlock and slide other shelves and it was like the harry potter staircases but metal and full of clothes.

so anyway obviously we had special ladders and Very Strict OSHA regulations about how we used these shelves so nobody would get crushed or run over or fall from 20 feet in the air

but that’s all fake and clothing stores in midwestern malls specifically are the 5th ring of retail hell

so we didn’t use ladders we just climbed the shelves like animals. which like, I loved, don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t wait for my manager to ask for some dresses I knew were on the top rack of the shelf in the very back row.

But the BEST part was when we were phasing out old stock so I needed to spend a long time hanging up clothes in the back on the shelves.

And obviously while I was doing that people would need to get into other shelves.

So they’d come into the back and say “hey molly anne! I need to move the shelves!” and I’d say okay and just pull my legs up and sit on my giant fucking metal base while i slid across the room on a 30 foot tall bookcase and got shut into a tomb of cotton dresses until they got what they needed.

the BEST way I can describe this is it’s as if we had cat trees built for human size and they moved


Bird feeders are probably making birds evolve longer beaks



I am not going to tag the name of the bird, because I’m pretty sure I would get tagged as NSFW if I did, but I assure you their beaks are getting longer and it’s probably because of the UK’s obsession with bird feeders.


November 03 2017

Someone in a thread over at the Pathfinder RPG pafe said said “These personal issues really distracts from the game. Does anyone remember the days when none of this stuff was a friggin issue and all we had was fun????”

Such a time never existed, and if you think it does it’s because either as a guy you never had to deal with it, or for some reason your experiences were sheltered.

You know what days *I* remember?

I remember being told no matter how well I rolled, my female D&D fighter could not, as a matter of the *rules* be as strong as a man. Another player could decide his 13-year-old boy PC had a 18/00 Strength because he was magically blessed, but as a female character I *couldn’t*.

I remember bringing in a new character and being told they’d pick me up at the next village, and my background would be randomly rolled for. And do you know what was rolled? Harlot. And then I had to see what KIND of harlot. But, I was assured, this was totally fair. Because I might end up being a pimp, which would mean I was a male character.

But no, I was a wanton wench.

I remember not being ABLE to find a figure for a female warrior who didn’t have her tits, ass, thighs, or all of the above exposed. I remember being shown an editorial in Dragon Magazine where Kim Mohan *admitted* that sexualization in female miniatures was a problem, but claimed the Strength cap wasn’t “something any reasonable person could argue with” … AND didn’t offer any suggestions on how to deal with either issue.

I remember being told that since my magic-user’s level title for the next level was “sorcerer,” and not “sorceress,” and there was NO evidence in the rules of female sorcerers, I could NOT gain that level.

These were the people who TAUGHT me to role-play. And yeah that last argument is stupid, but I had NO WAY of knowing that. I mean there were racial caps for classes, and a Strength cap for gender, so why wouldn’t I accept a gender cap for classes?

Those days sucked. Roleplaying was so great a thrill I wanted to do it anyway. It wasn’t until one of the toads I played with physically assaulted me I left that group, because I was young and impressionable and they had LOTS of evidence that was just How the Game Was Played.

Never, EVER think that HOW a company describes things, presents itself, covers issue of gender and sexual orientation in the rules, and comports itself with customers doesn’t have a MAJOR impact on the culture of people playing the game.

TSR, and then WotC, had a LONG history of showing that women are second-class PCs at best, and mostly exist as sex objects to cling to the thighs of Conan-like heroes. Played by Boys. Gary Gygaz once said that women’s Brains are “Wired Differently,” and that’s why they just aren’t interested in rpgs. Of course that attitude impacted how woman were portrayed, and thus how a lot of players and DMs played.

It’s NOT that “All Cheesecake is Bad.” I’m not claiming you can’t have sexy character and nods to pulp – you just have to have them for both genders, and you have to have more than that. You have to show a RANGE of characters, male and female, spellcaster and warrior, preferable in every product but absolutely in the core rules.

Paizo and Pathfinder do a MUCH better job of that than anything WotC did before 5e (and 5e is too new to fairly judge either way). And so yeah, it is NO surprise to me when I can have fun with every Pathfinder group I ever meet, and get inappropriately harassed by about a third of the MTG and D&D groups I encounter.

So yeah, this stuff matters. It has ALWAYS mattered. And we NEED it in order to allow EVERYONE to “all have fun.”

— Dungeon Dames (via adventuresinozrpg)
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After this image became so popular, the quote passed me by on an almost daily basis. Eventually, my brain settled on a bit more darkish interpretation of ‘the crows leading you home’. 

Made for inktober initially, original drawing can be found here 

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It’s that time again….

The Masterpack Giveaway!!

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Beautiful work by amandajtoner

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November 02 2017

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Folks, this is why the box set of the Raven Cycle was canceled.

Maggie, I love you, I love your stories and I completely agree with you BUT

I believe that excluding people from art because of financial issues is the same as not allowing access to education. Money shouldn’t be something to keep one from reading and mind that libraries don’t offer the same books worldwide. Maybe these books are accessible in the US or in the UK but it’s improbable that non anglophone countries will have that book. Artist do what they do (I hope) for the pleasure of producing art, money should be a background. I completely agree on the point that artists deserve to get an income from a work they’ve probably lost half a life on but basing an artwork on money is just… terrible to hear? Shouldn’t art trade in sensations and emotions and education?

Yes, if you have the money to buy books but decide to pirate them, then you have no excuses and are taking advantage of a person’s work. If you can’t afford books but still crave them, I don’t think you should feel bad if you pirate them. Access to art shouldn’t be a privilege and I really don’t feel like suggesting someone not to read a book because they don’t have the money for it.

If this was about anything else, I would agree 110% but when it concerns art I think we should be more elastic on judging someone and pointing fingers at people who don’t have the money to pay for books.

“I believe that excluding people from art because of financial issues is the same as not allowing access to education.”

Well, here’s the thing.

I haven’t had a book come out since 2014 because my regular job is as a high school English teacher, and that takes a lot of time and energy and attention. I work in the public high school system. I get paid by the Ministry of Education. 

I love my job. I take pleasure in it. I definitely enable people to access education. 

If the school said, “Karen, we love your work, it’s great, but our funding has been cut and we just can’t afford to pay your salary,” should I keep turning up and doing the job anyway? After all, if I really loved teaching, if I really cared about educating kids, I’d still be prepared to do all the planning and teaching and marking without any compensation in the form of filthy money, right?

Come on. I want to teach people. I want to write books. I need to pay my rent. If I couldn’t do it with either of those, I’d have to find work elsewhere. I love both those jobs, and I wouldn’t do either if I didn’t, but I can’t live on love.

I spent the last several years too poor to buy new books.

But guess what? LIBRARIES will buy books FOR me.

If there’s a new book coming out that I want, I put in an acquisition request as soon as I know it’s on its way, and let them know what format I want. (I normally go ebook or digital audiobook, because I struggle to get to a physical library branch and find those easier to read.)  Then I put a hold on the book as soon as it’s in the system.

Voila! Within a couple weeks of the new book being released, it’s IN MY HOT LITTLE HANDS. And the author gets paid for it. No piracy required.

Libraries like it when you request new books. They have to spend their acquisition budget somehow.

November 01 2017

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Birds Of A Feather | by Claire Rosen.

A brilliant live portrait series by Claire Rosen featuring vintage wallpaper backdrops to accentuate and highlight the colors of each bird, which range from the common Parakeet to the exotic Hyacinth Macaw.

As seen on: Honestly WTF.

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amrit brar, 2017

new iron-on embroidered patches and hard-enamel pins! now up in the shop 🌿💀🌹

| shop | instagram | patreon |

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